Metallic Gaskets

Whether you need a metal gasket for an emergency repair, or are shopping for a cost effective solution to help your product meet industry and environmental standards, we’re here to help you find exactly what you need. Let our experts guide you through our selection of Metallic Gasket Solutions. These include:

high temp gaskets

High Temperature Gaskets

An innovation from Flexitallic®, Thermiculite® Gaskets are chemically resistant, high temperature gaskets that can withstand extremes of temperatures without oxidation.

corrugated metallic gaskets

Corrugated Metallic Gaskets

Corrugated gaskets are ideal for ensuring liquid and gas tight joints. If you need solid corrugated metal gaskets, then we have the best selection for you including Garlock® corrugated gaskets and Flexitallic® corrugated gaskets.

metal jacketed gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets

We offer a broad range of metallic jacketed gaskets including both single jacketed and double jacketed for heat exchangers, condensers, compressors, pumps, turbines and more.

solid metal rtj gaskets

Solid Metal RTJ Gaskets (Ring Joint Gasket)

For top quality RTJ Gaskets (also known as Ring Joint Gaskets), turn to Dooley Gasket and Seal. Our solid metal RTJ gasket selection can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

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