Spiral Wound Gaskets

Every spiral wound gasket from Dooley Gasket and Seal is designed with the precision-engineered ability to recover from the effects of extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations in order to maintain performance under varying conditions. Dooley’s custom spiral wound gaskets are comprised of both metal and filler components, giving each gasket a unique ability to resist and endure extreme scenarios. The hardy characteristics of our spiral wound gaskets will flourish in applications featuring heavy operating conditions and frequent pressure fluctuations.

No matter which spiral wound or low stress spiral wound gasket you choose, you can rely on us to manufacture each part to fit your individual needs and specifications.

Dooley Gasket and Seal provides spiral wound gaskets to get the job done, regardless of your application. We offer a wide selection of materials and styles in order to provide you with custom spiral wound gaskets to meet your unique needs.

We are proud to provide top brands of spiral wound gaskets such as:


Flexitallic® produces an extremely reliable, well-crafted line of flexible pressure and temperature sensitive spiral wound and low stress spiral wound gaskets.


The Garlock® series of spiral wound gaskets is innovated to meet your exact specifications for providing exceptional sealing capabilities.

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