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Don’t let a hazardous tank truck leak slow you down. Keep your fleet moving safely with tank truck gaskets from NuSeal.

A division of Dooley Gasket and Seal, NuSeal manufactures and distributes high quality tank truck seals and gaskets for customers located worldwide. We offer a wide variety of tank truck seals and gaskets including PTFE, Encapsulated, Santoprene®, Gylon®, and Viton® gaskets. We also carry the full line of gaskets for ISO containers and IBC tote’s. NuSeal manufactures all the TTMA gaskets in PTFE envelope, cork, non-asbestos, Gylon, Viton and Santoprene.

Whether for a brand new tank truck or an emergency repair, our tank truck gaskets can provide the exact product you need to stay on the road safely. We carry a full line of tank truck gaskets made from high quality materials for trucks of any size, anywhere.

When you have a leak, every minute counts. That is why the experts at NuSeal are available all day, every day to handle your emergency needs. Call us first to get help determining which product you need to get back on the road safely.

We offer same day, next day delivery and carry many of our tank truck seals and gaskets in stock! Because we manufacture in-house custom sizes are no problem! We offer much more than just the standard gaskets and seals stocked by distributors. We have capabilities to manufacture any seal to fit your need.

Stop losing time and money as a result of faulty gaskets. Trust NuSeal for expertly made tank truck gaskets to keep your tank trucks on the road.

Tank Truck Gaskets:

  • PTFE Gaskets
  • Encapsulated Gaskets 
  • Viton Gaskets
  • Santoprene Gaskets 
  • Gylon Gaskets

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