Services & Capabilities

We're not just a distributor.  We manufacture gaskets!  Really!  Right here in the USA.  In addition to providing you with quality seals, we have the expertise to help you design and select a solution to your unique application.


waterjetUsing water at 60,000 psi mixed with an abrasive slurry a waterjet can cut through almost any material.  From rubber to steel our waterjet can cut accurate parts based on your samples or CAD drawings.


flashcutWhen you need gaskets fast - there is no time to waste building tooling.  Our flashcut operates by using a pneumatic oscillating knife and can cut through many soft materials.

Punch Press

punch pressFor low cost high production, nothing beats a hydraulic press.  With a low cost steel rule die we can punch thousands of parts and maintain tight tolerances.

Manual Assembly

manual assemblyEvery machine has it's limits.  We still make the gaskets the old fashion way - by hand.  Many gaskets we make are so large that they must be fabricated in multiple pieces and vulcanized or glued together.

CAD Design

cad designingWe have several CNC operated machines and to operate these machines we have several CAD programmers.  We can custom design gaskets for you, or you can simply send us you CAD file and we can load it directly into our machine.

Engineering Expertise

engineeringWe have over 40 years experience in manufacturing gaskets, but we still don't have all the answers.  That's why we're partnered with the top brands in the USA who can provide engineering support for all our products.

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